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Since the first man knew the meaning of settling in groups, then the aspects of human civilization have started. Nile River has had an essential role in the Egyptian civilization which has developed generating all kinds of arts, science and literature.


When Christianity entered Egypt through St. Mark the Apostle, it added perfection to the Egyptian culture which had had some defects, especially in terms of the existence of God, in addition to the sublime principles of Christianity concerning love, good, asceticism and mediation.


These teachings enriched the thought of the old Egyptian artists, in which he found his long-desired objective, and which clarified the shortages in the awareness of the One God.

Painting, which has been known in the Egyptian culture, has developed, but it had another way different from the past, as a result of the change of the old doctrine. Then the Coptic icon has come out, which is a development of the old Egyptian painting.

The Coptic artist inherited from his fathers a lot of symbols, work styles, materials and colours. And the icon has had a new concept of faith. Learn More...